Willows Chick Days

We sell live day old layers, meat birds, turkeys, ducklings, pheasants, guinea keets and ready-to-lay (18 weeks). 


Ordering for the 2022 season is now closed.

Please visit us again in late January for the 2023 Hatch Schedule & Pricing!

Dates and prices vary by store. If you have any questions, Contact your local store.


Frey's Hatchery offers a wide variety of layer breeds as well as meat birds, turkeys and muskovy ducklings. Layers are available as day olds or ready-to-lays (18 weeks old).
Please see Frey's 2022 delivery schedule by store below:

Delta & Harrowsmith

Family owned and operated, Millpond offers Ontario sourced meat chicks, day old layers, turkey poults, ducklings, and pheasants.

2022 Millpond Hatch Schedule

feathered acres.png

Feathered Acres is a family operated farm located near Fergus, ON. They offer a variety of ducklings, goslings in addition to guinea keets! (Available at Harrowsmith & Kemptville locations only)

2022 Feathered Acres Delivery Schedule


Birds from Bonnie's Hatchery through our Harrowsmith Location

Ordering is now closed.

*Kemptville location only


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