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Willows Chick Days

We sell live day old layers, meat birds, turkeys, ducklings, pheasants, guinea keets and ready-to-lay (18 weeks). 


Dates and prices vary by store. Please see links below for further information. Hatching schedules will be made available once they are provided from the hatchery.

If you have any questions, Contact your local store.


Frey's Hatchery offers a wide variety of layer breeds as well as meat birds, turkeys and muskovy ducklings. Layers are available as day olds or ready-to-lays (18 weeks old).
Please see Frey's 2024 delivery schedule by store below:

Kemptville & Harrowsmith - Delivery Schedule

Kemptville & Harrowsmith - Price List

Delta - Delivery Schedule

Delta - Price List

Family owned and operated, Millpond offers Ontario sourced meat chicks, day old layers, turkey poults, ducklings, and pheasants.


Millpond's 2024 Hatch Schedule

feathered acres.png

Feathered Acres is a family operated farm located near Fergus, ON. They offer a variety of ducklings, goslings in addition to guinea keets! 

Feathered Acres' 2024 schedule

Feather Acres' 2024 Price List


Birds from Bonnie's Hatchery through our Harrowsmith Location

You can now place orders for 2024!

*Kemptville location only

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