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Hay Preservers

Quality hay is essential for the health of cows, horses and all livestock. We offer hay preservers by Nuhn Forage, known as The Juice hay perserver. Hay bales treated with The Juice stay fresh longer, maintain their green colour and retain valuable nutrients. You can learn more about Nuhn products at


Hay Accessories

We supply all the essential hay accessories such as twine, net wrap and silage wrap. 

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Hay Testing

Hay analysis will help you  get a better understanding of what you are feeding. It is the only way to get a true understanding of the nutritive value of your hay. This is especially important if you are noticing nutrition problems or are concerned about hay quality. We offer two hay testing packages: Basic and Comprehensive, which are described in the form below. Simply bring your sample to your nearest store or contact us for on-site sampling. 

Hay Sample Information Form

Hay: Our Technology

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