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Our Feed

Our feed products are made from locally sourced grains. We offer our standard and custom feed in bags or in bulk through any of our three retail locations as well as through wholesalers across Eastern Ontario.


We are also the largest Masterfeeds dealer in Eastern Ontario. We offer the full line of feed for livestock, equine and poultry species. We work closely with Masterfeeds nutritionists to provide customized plans to meet our customers' needs. For information on Masterfeeds products, visit their website 

Additionally, we stock numerous nutritional products from brands such as Sifto, Jefo, Grober, Mapleview, Graymont, Huron, and more, to provide well rounded balanced nutrition.

If you are interested in a custom mix (1 tonne minimum), please contact us.

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Nutrition Services

Ruminant Nutrition

Our in-house Ruminant Nutritionists work with you to develop balanced feed rations with optimized mineral packages to meet your livestock's nutritional and caloric needs. They are available for free on-site consults and are ready to assist you with any challenges you may face. To get in touch with one of our Ruminant Nutritionists, contact us here.

Equine Nutrition

Our experienced equine nutritionists can help provide recommendations on feeds and supplements to best suit your horse's nutritional needs. If you have questions about which products may be right for your horses, contact your local store

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