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Locations in Harrowsmith, Kemptville & Delta

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Our Stores

We have three retail locations: Harrowsmith, Kemptville, and Delta. Harrowsmith and Kemptville carry a larger stock while Delta carries essential items only.  You can view a catalogue of items we stock below; however, please note that each store does not carry all products. Please contact your local store to ensure we have the product you require. We can typically get products in from our other store locations relatively quickly (2-7 days) should you need. 

Download our Product Catalogue 

Our Wholesalers

You can find Willows Feed at the following locations:



We offer delivery services from each of our retail locations. 

Bag delivery is free with an order of at least a half tonne of feed. Contact your store for their delivery schedule and to place your order.

Bulk delivery is free. We require an order of at least 2 tonne. Typically, we require only 1 business day to fill a bulk order; however, in peak times (e.g., around holidays), we may require more notice. Our bulk feed trucks are equipped with blowers. To place a bulk order, you can call your local store

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